Vision 2020

April 14, 2016

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In 2014, we started planning the course for the future, and in 2015, we launched our long-range strategic plan called Vision 2020. As a vibrant and constantly changing faith community, we have the potential to do just about anything, but we certainly can’t do everything! So what did the members of St. Patrick decide was a Focus on the Future? First of all, we decided that we need to emphasize our mission statement which is based on Matthew 22 – “Love God, Love Neighbor, Love Self.” This love is a biblical love that Jesus referred to as the Greatest Commandment. Secondly, we have four pillars that emphasize our vision – Prayer, Formation, Hospitality and Service. Lastly, we have 9 Key Initiatives that we’ll focus on over the next several years:

  1. Teach Us To Pray: Parishioners clearly want a more basic understanding of prayer. This will come through short workshops, lessons and videos that explain a variety of ways to pray. In addition, an emphasis will be put on teaching the rich history and tradition of the Catholic Mass.
  2. Disciples Training: Designed for the well-formed Catholic, this in-depth training is intended to make disciples out of those members who are interested and able to invite others to the faith. Prerequisites may include Catechetical training.
  3. Enhanced Communications: As part of Vision 2020, we will be developing several means of reaching out to members of the Body, providing information in a way that works for each individual. This includes digital and printed communication, personalized web access, easier sign up for special events, and providing information within the church facility.
  4. Mass Appeal: The most profound Rites that we celebrate are within the Mass. This initiative is designed to enhance all aspects of the experience around the Mass, including music, greeting, hospitality, information and more.
  5. Community Building & Small Groups: One of the most important aspects of a parish community is the network of relationships that develop over time. Our relationships with others make our parish experience rich and dynamic. This initiative will focus on events that encourage small groups and community building.
  6. Family & Marriage: This is intended to provide more formation and regularly scheduled programs and events that encourage and lift up the family and the Sacrament of Marriage.
  7. Teens & Youth Ministry: St. Patrick has best-in-class youth ministry and formation, so this is intended to build on what we have, and invite more youth into our programs.
  8. Social Outreach Ministry: One of the greatest opportunities to improve within the Service pillar is to be more intentional with Social Outreach and Pastoral Care. This initiative will start with forming a Social Outreach Committee that will determine where we, as a faith community, might best serve those in need.
  9. Seniors Ministry: It’s essential that we provide adequate ministry for our senior members, tailored specifically to their needs. It also will include educational topics such as senior housing, estate planning, and other important issues relevant to our seasoned members.