SPOT Wants To Help!

October 3, 2016

Several volunteers have been working on one of our Vision 2020 initiatives – Social Outreach. This initiative is intended to drive us more toward serving those in need within our parish and the greater community.

SPOT is a ministry where a team of volunteers helps people with basic home repairs and yard work that a person just cannot do on their own, as well as provide meals needed during difficult times. THERE IS NO COST FOR THIS SERVICE. Some examples:

  • small painting projects
  • light carpentry
  • raking leaves
  • mowing lawn
  • fixing a toilet or leaky drain
  • repairing a light fixture
  • Preparing a few meals
  • Change furnace filter

Maybe you know someone who can benefit from this amazing new ministry that demonstrates our “Love of Neighbor!”

SPOT request form

Please contact the parish office at 763.753.2011 or email your questions to Kerri¬†and we’ll get all the information we need.