How to Make a Prayer Shawl

Prayer to begin a shawl

Bless me, Lord.  As I knit/crochet this prayer shawl, may you guide my hands

to weave in warmth; may you guide my heart to weave in love; may you guide my mind to weave in comfort; may you guide my spirit to weave in hope.

For in you we place all our faith.

The Basic Pattern

Requires 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun (or any good, soft brand) yarn.

On size 11 or 13 needles, cast on 57 stitches (or any number of stitches divisible by 3 to give the desired width). K3, P3 * continue this across the row. K3, P3 for each row. Note: You will start and end each row with K3, producing a seed stitch. Before you begin to use the third skein, cut your fringe pieces. Knit until all of the yarn is used, casting off at the end. Attach your fringe pieces. Fringe it any way you want— one fringe in each stitch, in every third stitch, or not at all.

About the Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun is often recommended for this project and is readily available in a wide variety of colors at local craft stores for about $4-5 per skein. It is a bulky weight acrylic yarn that is soft, warm, and machine washable.  One shawl requires 3 (three) 6 oz./185 yard skeins of the same dye lot. Of course, any good, soft, washable yarn in a similar weight can be substituted. Other types and weights of yarns (ex: worsted weight) can be used as well, but may require adjustments in yardage, needle size, and stitches used to produce the size shawl desired.

About the Needles: Knitting with size 11 needles on bulky yarn produces a firmer knit, while knitting with the size 13 needles makes a shawl with a softer drape. Use either straight or circular needles, depending on your preference.

About the Pattern: Did you know that the number three appears in Scripture over 500 times? The pattern very easily becomes a rhythm as you knit. Consider the significance of the number three: Father/ Son/Holy Spirit; past/present/future; birth/life/death; mind/body/spirit; faith/hope/charity; earth/sea/sky… The list goes on. A more experienced knitter can add her own embellishments, cables and other patterns.

Prayer for a completed shawl

Bless this prayer shawl, O Lord. May the person who receives it find comfort, strength, and peace as he/she is wrapped in this mantle of prayer. May this person always feel the support of family and friends and find renewed hope in the assurance of your comforting presence.

Final Blessing

Drop your shawl off at the church for the priest to bless it and for us to give it to a person in need!