Dads Deserve It

June 13, 2018

Father’s Day is Sunday June 17th.  As a 25 year old woman, I’m obviously not a father, so as part of the non-dad population I participate in Father’s Day by giving thanks.


You know what I’ve noticed about dads? They have this way of getting totally caught up in something with their kids.

However this superpower works, one minute can turn into 30 minutes, an hour, a couple hours. And each dad does it in his own way; playing a game, teaching something, working side by side on a project. It morphs simple games into ridiculous and absurd shenanigans, and it’s how some of us acquired our favorite childhood memories. When my grandfather passed away, these were the stories we told, and our fondest moments with him.

Good fathers are heroes who deserve the day to celebrate. They lift us up and lift up everyone around them. When priests and other father figures do this, they show us a totally unique aspect of God, his fatherly love.

Thank You

So whatever situation you find yourself in this Father’s day, whether you mourn a dad who has died or was never present, or you have a loving father figure in your life, I hope you honor and thank the fathers around you. Everything awesome about dads come from God as Father, and when we thank dads, we thank the Ultimate Dad too.

To all the fathers and father-figures out there: thank you. We don’t always get your dad jokes, but we think you’re awesome. Happy Father’s Day!


About the Author

Katie Arend joined our team in 2017 as the Middle School Formation Coordinator. She has been working in youth ministry in the cities for the past several years, and comes to us with a degree in Theology and Catechesis from Franciscan University, Steubenville, OH.