ReachMore Movement

REACH MORE is modeled after Jesus and the 12 Apostles who started the early church.  It is not a program, it is a movement. Let’s look deeper!


Phase 1:  The first phase of REACHMORE is an extensive training for what they refer to as the “point people”.  Once trained, the two Point People invite others to one-on-one ministry, forming them in their relationship with Christ.

Phase 2: Those in one-on-one ministry attend a (14) week training session and eventually are sent out.  They begin doing one-on-one ministry and start small groups. As you can imagine, when each new training group of 12 invites others into a relationship with Jesus and they in turn, invite others, there is a ripple affect throughout our community!

Phase 3: St. Patrick becomes a culture of small groups and one-on-one ministry, caring for one another on our walk with Christ.  Thus, Missionary Disciples!

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