St. Patrick Protects Children!

For the past two decades, we’ve been hearing so much about clergy abuse of children and vulnerable adults. But in the past few weeks, this has all been amplified. The abuse scandal is prevalent in nearly every diocese across the world. And in our own diocese, we are nearing a settlement with 450 victims for $210 million. As though the abuse of a single child wasn’t bad enough, we also have to stomach the cover-up from all levels of our great Church.

As “lay” people (members of the Church who are not ordained clergy) it’s time for us to stand up and be counted. Not by leaving OUR Church, but through transparency, accountability andĀ  conversation. That’s what we’re doing here at St. Patrick. We are informing with the Truth, and under the leadership of Fr. Eilen, we will insist on transparency and accountability with everything we do here at St. Patrick.

Below are several perspectives, starting with Fr. Eilen’s homily of August 26, 2018, along with some facts on what we do at St. Patrick to ensure that ALL of our volunteers who work with youth have gone through appropriate background checks. Our primary job at St. Patrick is to provide a SAFE environment for all our members, so they can encounter and learn about the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Fr. Eilen’s August 26 Homily – Click Here

St. Patrick’s Compliance For a Safe Environment

Archbishop Hebda’s Statement Regarding Action & Accountability

Bishop Cozzens’ Statement Regarding Review Boards For Bishops

Pope Francis’ Letter on Sexual Abuse

A Prayer For Our Church

A Letter About Our SeminariesĀ