Press On!

Our Remodel is Complete

We are excited to share that our parish remodel project, as part of our Press On initiative, is completed! Thank you for the generosity of our parishioners who made this project possible. Please note that we have updated our room numbering system throughout the parish building.

Click here to see a map of the updated rooms!

Our Vision Through 2025

St. Patrick has a long and rich history dating back to 1871, and we celebrate those continuous 150 years of Catholic tradition. For the first time in decades, St. Patrick is debt-free and ready to invest in its well-documented mission of “Love God, Neighbor and Self.” We recently closed the chapter on Vision 2020, our strategic plan that guided us for the past 6 years, and the Holy Spirit calls us to continue the good work, to “Press On!”

That’s the name of our new strategic plan – Press On Toward the Goal – using the words of St. Paul to the Philippians (3:14). It was a message that was relevant back then, and its extremely relevant in the messiness of today’s world. More than ever, Catholic Christians need to Press On with our baptismal call to share the Good News with others, much like the early Apostles! And you can see from our logo that we continue to stay committed to the four pillars of our faith at St. Patrick: Prayer, Service, Hospitality and Formation. We’ll accomplish this vision – under the guidance of the Holy Spirit – with three Key Initiatives:

  1. Spiritual Growth – we will continue to invest in the spiritual needs of each of you, with more awareness of Adoration within our community and increase the number of Adorers; create a clearer vision for Music Ministry; emphasis on all vocations; and continued innovation in youth ministry. All of this will be summed up in our efforts to form and send Disciples – that’s you!
  2. Community Building – this starts with Disciples, which is why we’ve invested in the ReachMore movement. Some parishioners will be trained in discipleship and through them, we’ll begin One-On-One minsitry and Small Groups. This will be the catalyst for transformation! We also want to show the greater community what’s happening here at St. PAtrick, and a digital display on Nightingale will assist us with that. To do all this, we’ll need to renovate some of our space to be more versatile and , multi-purpose in nature. That will happen in the Education Area. Finally, being the “hospitality” parish that we are, we want to start a Parish Ambassador program where we train some of our more active and engaged parishioners to reach out to those that are sitting on the sidelines; to invite them in to parish life and foster relationships with them.
  3. Pastoral Care & Outreach – there is much more we can do for those in need, starting with a food and clothing store that complements other local thrift stores; provide regular community meals that utilize our wonderful kitchen and serve those that are hungry; launch a compassionate care program that creates more pastoral care ministers; and make a commitment to advocating wellness for everyone (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial).

We’ll continue the conversation of Press On for the next several years, but if you want more information, contact Dan at or call the parish office.

Check out these photos from our Parish Remodel project! Thank you for the generosity of our parishioners who made this project possible!

See our renovations by clicking here.