Passion and Purpose

September 17, 2018

September 29th, 2018

We have 10 tickets up for grab!!  Contact the office if interested (763.753.2011).

Event Details

We have a roster of ONLY those that purchased tickets on Blitz weekend.  If you purchased tickets with us, we will assume you are coming along with us on the bus and eating.  If you are NOT, please let Linda Abel-Thomas know ASAP.  If you purchased tickets outside of Blitz weekend but still want the complimentary transportation and dinner, you also need to let Linda know.  Please email or call the office.  When you contact Linda to RSVP, please also indicate turkey or ham sandwiches for each individual you are RSVP’ing for.  If you don’t indicate, you will get TURKEY.

Saturday, Sept. 29th Agenda:

5pm Mass @ St. Patrick

  • Make sure you have your e-ticket printed out.  If you did not receive the ticket through the email that you registered with, please email me and I will have them resend it.
  • All buses will arrive at 5:30pm in the North Lot.  If you are not planning on attending Mass Saturday, please arrive at 5:20 pm and pick up your box dinner and proceed to the bus.  Once a bus is full, we will send it on its way (as long as we have a bus captain).
  • If you are a bus captain and are NOT planning on attending the 5pm Mass, please let me know and arrive by 5:10pm for instructions.
  • Dinner includes: Ham or Turkey sub from Jersey Mikes, chips, apple, cookie and a bottle of water.  When picking up your dinner, please take ONE box (ham or turkey – which ever you ordered) and ONE water. Tables marked with Ham or Turkey will be located by the North Entrance and or St. Cecelia Room.
  • Each bus will have no more than 46 passengers.  Once the bus has 46 passengers, bus captain will close the bus and it will leave.  Roll call will be done as the bus is in route to the convention center.  YOU MUST RETURN ON THE SAME BUS YOU CAME ON.
  • Each bus will be marked by a saint name and picture in the window next to the bus door for identification.  Know what you bus saint is before you exit the bus (Captains will remind you!)

5:45pm Proceed to the North Doors / St. Cecelia (Choir Room) and pick up your box dinner. Exit building at North Entrance to Buses. Each bus will have a bus captain. You must board the bus with your entire group that has RSVP’d to ride the bus – notify the bus captain of any changes.  You will return on the same bus.  The individual that purchased the tickets will be the group leader and let the bus captain know that their group is present on departure both ways.  Bus identification will be in the window.  Each bus will have a Saint Name.  Know the name of your Saint before exiting the bus.  Each bus will have 40-45 passengers.

6:00pm Bus leaves for Minneapolis Convention Center

7-10pm – 10pm Passion and Purpose Conference

  • Buses will be parked and waiting for us on the corner of 12th St. Nd 2nd Ave.  (the Ballroom Entrance/Exit – it is marked by 2 green lines).

10:15pm Board Bus – same bus you arrived on.


Location: Minneapolis Convention Center Auditorium (1301 2nd Ave South, Minneapolis 55403)

Ticket Includes: Free transportation, dinner, resources, and conference admission

Got questions?

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MORE Questions about the event?  Please contact Linda Abel-Thomas