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We’re very excited about our online tool that lets you update your family’s records and to view your personal giving history on the web. It’s called My Church, and it’s available now with 3 simple steps to get started:

  1. Click My Church Button
  2. Create your Login
  3. View and Update your Information


Note. All changes you make to your record are automatically sent to a church administrator for review. To view the administrative action taken on a particular change request, select “View Notes”. The Suspense Notes window opens to show you the type of change requested and if the change was approved or denied.

Giving History Note: There is a delay in updating the records on this page because the data is periodically transferred manually to My Church-My Offering, Giving History.

Advantages for Members

My Church uses ParishSOFT’s technology to give you secure and personal access to the information in your family and member records. Registered users of “ParishSOFT Family Suite” can log in and perform any of the following tasks in My Church:

       Manage your own church records and keep personal information accurate and up to date. For example, members who move or change phone numbers can quickly and easily log in and update this information for themselves. No need to call the church, fill out and submit paper forms, and then wait for someone at the church to update their records.

       Add a record for a new family member.

       View your personal giving history.

       Upload a family photo and individual photos of individual family members.

Parishioners gain the freedom to update their information at any time—all without paper forms or phone calls to the parish office. Changes are processed electronically and without the delays (note that any changes a parishioner makes to his/her record must first be approved by an authorized church staff so there may be a short delay in getting a record updated). All you need to do is hit the “New User Registration” button, and create an account.

How to Log in to My Church?

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