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Mary Garden Showers

Every life deserves a celebration!

Mary Garden Showers seek to empower and encourage women in crisis pregnancies.  We believe that providing love and support through a shower assists the mother in celebrating the joy of motherhood and the new life that God has given her to love.

Our goal is for mothers to connect with the soul of this ministry – an outpouring and showering of Christ’s love and mercy.  We also want to encourage women to follow the wonderful example of Mary, who chose to love and give life to Jesus.

We believe that if you love the mother, she will have the love she needs to love her baby.*

A message from our most recent shower:

Dear St. Patrick Parishioners,

Thank you all so much for showing me kindness.  I am truly blessed and grateful for the support.  You all made me feel so special.



How it works

Our showers come with no strings attached and are facilitated with no judgement and no pressure – just love and mercy.  We celebrate with baby showers for mothers choosing to parent, and we celebrate with blessing showers for mothers who choose to place their child for adoption.

We connect with mothers to serve via word of mouth or partnership with pregnancy resource centers, and we connect each shower recipient with a loving sponsor group.

We come alongside each mother and through our friendship, we show her Christ’s Divine Mercy. During a special registry outing we set up a unique gift registry with each mother, giving her an opportunity to hand pick items for her baby and to discuss baby care information and tips.  Then we shower one mother at a time, providing the individual attention she needs and deserves.  Throughout this journey, we extend Christ’s Divine Mercy to each mother, encouraging her to foster a relationship through the Immaculate Heart of Mary to Jesus Christ.

People can shop for mothers through our website from anywhere in the world, and gifts will ship to the shower location.  All are welcome to attend our showers, and we invite you to keep the mothers and families we serve in your prayers.*

Join Our Team!

Accepting donations of new items (clothes, diapers, bath care items, bedding, etc) for our future Mommies and babies in need.  Also accepting monetary donations to build our funds so that each and every mommy that contacts us can be celebrated. Please e-mail us and we will be happy to arrange a pick-up!

We are in need of hostesses at the shower to ensure everyone is greeted and feels welcome!

Prayers!  We have a number of Mom’s who are in need.  Please pray for Mary Garden Showers so that we will be able to touch their hearts so that will come forward. We want to thank her for choosing life for her child and answering God’s call too motherhood.

Spread the Word: If you know of any mother that is need please contact us at  We are a non-denominational, non-judgmental ministry for women in crisis pregnancies.

Learn More about Mary Garden Showers HERE

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Ministry Leader: Mary Hines
Staff Contact: Kerri Rooney

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors
Ministry Category: Outreach

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