Divine Mercy Ministry

A Ministry of St. Patrick

Divine Mercy Ministry

1059 ” Let the weak, sinful soul have no fear to approach Me, for even if it had more sins than there are grains of sand in the world, all would be drowned in the unmeasurable depths of My mercy”. – The Diary of St. Faustina

Our Mission

To become, experience, and share the the message of God’s unfathomable Mercy to our parish and the world.


Pray for those who are dyeing and spread the message of God’s Divine Mercy through our community and praying the chaplet.

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Jesus told St. Faustina about the infinite Mercy and Love that is attainable by the recitation of The Chaplet of Divine Mercy (1541 “It pleases me to grant everything souls ask of me by saying the chaplet.” The Diary of St. Faustina) Among these incredible promises, He promises something that everyone needs to know:

811 “At the hour of their death, I defend as My own glory every soul that will say this chaplet; or when others say it for a dying person, the indulgence is the same”. If you or a loved one needs these prayers, please use the contact information below

The Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed after:

All weekend Masses at: Saturday 6:05PM, Sundays 10:05AM and 12:05PM. And 5 minutes after every week day mass by the statue of St. Patrick.


If you are interested in becoming a Prayer Warrior or if you need prayers for someone who is dying, please email Larry Von Mosch at larry@patvonmosch.com.


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Ministry Stats

Ministry Leader: Larry Von Mosch
Staff Contact: Jeremy Weakly
Schedule: NA

Age Groups: Teens, Adults, Seniors
Ministry Category: Prayer

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