Community Garden

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Community Garden

This annual project will provide parishioners of all ages an opportunity to work together towards an important goal…providing parishioners in need with fresh vegetables. The objective of this project is to create an inter-generational bond within the parish, as groups, families, and students work together for the greater good of our community.

Project Details

Where will the garden be?  Our Community Garden is a 25 foot by 25 foot plot located on the east side of the CountryFest shed.

Major Projects: Help Needed!

Installation of Sand Point/Spigot, etc.
Fertilize/Weed prevention



When frost is out, begin preparation of the soil
Treat area with Round Up
Till soil
Test soil and fertilize
Build fence
Install sandpoint/install pump
Planting begins (after Memorial Day)
Assign sprinkling to volunteers (May through Sept.)

June -Aug. 

Assign crews for weeding (we will utilize grass clippings/newspaper/and/or straw to minimize weed growth)

Aug.- Sept.

Harvest and Donate
Encourage parishioners with excess in their gardens to donate to this project

What will be planted:



Watch the bulletin, the kiosk, and this web page for a list of needed materials for this project.



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Ministry Stats

Ministry Leader: Kerri Rooney
Staff Contact: Dan Jaeger

Age Groups: Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors
Ministry Category: Outreach

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