Mask and Safety Guidelines

For Visitors, including Mass Attendees & Small Group Gatherings

In compliance with the governor’s mandate, all visitors and Mass attendees that enter the building are required to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, they will be available at the entrance near the office, as well as the north and south entrances to the Gathering Area.

If you are hosting or attending a small group gathering (ministry, volunteer organization, etc…) at St. Patrick, you are also required to wear a mask.

– Catholics are not required to attend Mass on Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation until further notice.
– All COVID-19 positive persons, those who are symptomatic, and those living with them must stay home.
– People over the age of 65 and those with pre-existing health conditions should continue to stay home until more restrictions are lifted for public gatherings.
– Daily Mass is an excellent option for those looking for Masses with lower attendance.
– People should follow hygiene practices at home and while out in public: wash hands often, avoid touching your face, cover coughs and sneezes, etc.
– Parishioners will be asked to exit promptly after Mass so that the church may be sanitized.
– The large restrooms in the Gathering Area will be open for use.
– Hand sanitizer will be available at all entrances, and parishioners are also encouraged to bring their own.
– In order to maintain social distancing, parishioners will be spread out in the Worship Area. Every third pew will be available for seating (they will be marked), and parishioners are asked to sit 6-feet apart, unless sitting with members of your household.
– We will distribute Communion (Precious Body only), and it will be done in a way that is both safe and reverent. At this time, we kindly ask all communicants to receive in the hand.
– Other modifications to the liturgy will be announced at Mass