Changes to Worship as Pandemic Subsides

The pandemic certainly was an extraordinary time, and things like the dispensation, live streaming and radio Masses, and safety protocols at Mass were necessary to keep our community safe. We are grateful to be returning to some normalcy in our Worship practices. Read below to learn about upcoming changes.

Dispensation ending July 1
We were created to worship in Communion with others.  As the pandemic subsides and restrictions for public gatherings are being lifted, the bishops of Minnesota are reinstating the obligation for the faithful to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. The Church has always dispensed people from attending Mass in specific circumstances, such as being ill or vulnerable to illness, caring for someone who is sick, etc. Please click the following links to read letters from Archbishop Hebda and the MN Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Archbishop Hebda Letter 

Minnesota Catholic Conference Info on End of Mass Dispensation 


Live Stream and Radio Mass
Effective July 4, the Sunday 9:00am Mass will be our only live streamed Mass. We are discontinuing the weekday live streamed Masses. Also, July 4 will be the last Radio Mass.

Outdoor Communion Distributing Ending
July 4 will be the last Sunday that Father Eilen will distribute Communion outdoors following the 11:00am Mass on Sundays.

Liturgical Practices Returning to Normal
Effective the weekend of July 3-4, we are able to:

  1. Fill the Baptismal Font with Holy Water
  2. Return Hymnals to the pews
  3. Resume passing the basket for the Collection during Offertory
  4. Have parishioners process forward with the gifts of bread and wine during Offertory
  5. Resume the Sign of Peace for the congregation
  6. Distribute Holy Communion from all 8 stations as needed, meaning Communion lines will return to normal.*

*Please note Holy Communion will be Precious Body only. We are not able to distribute Precious Blood for the faithful yet.