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St. Monica Society

The purpose of the Society is twofold: to pray confidently for those who have left the Catholic Church, and to provide community and prayerful support for one another who have experienced a loved one’s departure from the faith.

ministry-society-saint-monicaThis Small Group is for those that have friends or family that have left or resist the faith. Saint Monica was a woman who lived in the mid-fourth century and prayed fervently for her family to come back to the Church. Her prayers were answered! Her famous son, St. Augustine, converted to Christianity after 17 years of resistance and became one of the early Church fathers.

Our loved ones can have the same experience. If you know someone who has fallen away from the Catholic faith, or has been resistant to it, join us – through prayer or small group.

Society Prayer

Eternal and merciful Father, I give you thanks for the gift of Your Divine Son who suffered, died and rose for all mankind. I thank you also for my Catholic Faith and ask Your help that I may grow in fidelity by prayer, by works of charity and penance, by reflection on Your Word, and by regular participation in the Sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist.

You gave Saint Monica a spirit of selfless love manifested in her constant prayer for the conversion of her son Augustine. Inspired by boundless confidence in Your power to move hearts, and by the success of her prayer, I ask the grace to imitate her constancy in my prayer for (N.) who no longer share(s) in the intimate life of our Catholic family. Grant through my prayer and witness, that (he/she/they) may be open to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit to return to loving union with Your People. Grant also that my prayer be ever hopeful and that I may never judge another, for You alone can read hearts. I ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


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Lifegroup Stats

Number of Members: 10
Leader: Kathy Franchino
Founded: January 22, 2014
Schedule: Last Monday of the Month - 7pm

Group Gender: All
Age Groups: Teens, Adults, Seniors
Lifegroup Category: Spiritual

Group Privacy: Open to new members

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