Sisters in Christ

A St. Patrick Lifegroup

Sisters in Christ

Women 18 and older are invited to join us each summer for a book or Bible study that takes us into a deeper relationship with Christ, His Church and each other.  Most studies are an extension from the previous Women’s retreat.

2019 Schedule: (tentative)

Please prepare for each session by having the following chapters read and watch this page for homework assignment postings after each session has occurred.  

May 18th – Opening: Epistle & Magdalene

If you miss session 1, please stop by and pick up your journal, stickers prayer service handout and Read  – The Resurrection Accounts

Matthew 28:1-10  Mark 16:1-7  John 20:1-19  Luke 24:1-12

6 Journaling Tips from Debbie Macomber

June 15th – Shepherd Girl

If you missed session 2, please stop by and pick up the prayer service handout , Baptismal Certificate, and Visio prayer experience with Image

Additional Christ Encounters for June 15th Discussion

Mark 10:13-16; Matthew 21:14-16; Matthew 18: 1-6


July 13th – Mother

Christ Encounter additions for this session are the Saint Elizabeth Image and the Mary Prayer Card


August 10th – Woman with a Wound – August Session

Session 4 – Woman with the wound key points

  1. Jesus heals because he loves
  2. His healing is first and foremost an expression not of authority but is the Father’s love.
  3. “The bodily healings and even the raising of the dead serve only as a visible illustration for what is happening invisibly in the hearts of those who believe that God is at work in Jesus.”
  4. Spiritual healing is always the first and most important healing.
  5. His method for healing varies widely.
  6. “Not healing” is a mercy when it helps clarify our interior vision and drives us to the love of atonement, restoration.


September 21st – Woman Undivided – September Session

Session 5 – Women Undivided key points

  1. Everyone, no matter their state of life or station, has a “mission to the world”.
  2. Vulnerability is not a flaw in a person.
  3. God often reveals himself to the most vulnerable among us.
  4. Singleness, whether temporary or permanent, must be embraced and “exploited” for the benefit of the Body of Christ.

Homework:  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you who’s cross you need to help carry in prayer.  Write their name on the heart provided (you can just write it in your journal and I will give you a heart when you come to place in the basket)


October 19th – Veronica

Session 6 Key Points

  1. From the Latin, compassion is cum patiro, “to stand with”, “to undergo with,” “to share deeply with.”
  2. Compassion is not pity, which sometimes connotes condescension.
  3. Remembering each person is holy – the soul in front of you is like the sacred Arc, we do not go where only the Lord can go.
  4. Through the Incarnation the Son has united himself to every human being. Thus, in loving truly any man or woman, one already loves Christ.
  5. Always be ready for an opportunity to show compassion, meaning like Veronica to get on your knees (humility, courage, unassuming, charity)
  6. Listening is often more about receiving than it is about giving – and mercy is to.

Homework:  Prayer temperament survey: Take the survey, watch the video about your prayer temperament and Journal your thoughts, affirmations and surprises

Praying hands – 3 things revealed to me from my prayer temperament quiz

November 16th – Martha, Martha and Mary

Morning Offering

O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I offer you my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day
for all the intentions of your Sacred Heart,
in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world,
for the salvation of souls, the reparation of sins, the reunion of all Christians,
and in particular for the intentions of the Holy Father this month.

  • Key Points
  1. Guard against anything that takes us away from and eternal view: comparisons, judgment, distraction with passing things, worry that is “out of order”, particularly the fear of what others think.
  2. We’ve lost our natural ability to serve in a recollected way and perhaps to recognize the proper time to sit at the feet of all wisdom and listen and the proper time varies in duration and method from one individual to another.
  3. Christ continually invites us back to a radical reordering of a recollected state to remind us who we are and what our individual mission is and to joyfully accept it.
  4. Edith Stein: “to have divine love as its inner form, a woman’s life must be a Eucharistic life”!
  • Group Discussion – Share prayer temperament findings. Evaluation of daily/weekly prayer

Serve with joy

We all are called to a purpose

Women and being counter cultural

  • Homework: Create a Personalized Saint Prayer Card of YOU!  include: patron saint of ; best known for; an intercessory prayer that others would use to invoke your intercession.
  • Potluck sign up

Prayer Service:

 9:30am :  Guided Meditation : Psalm 37:4 (12 min) and journaling with one instrumental song

December 14th – Queen


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Lifegroup Stats

Number of Members: 23
Leader: Kathy Franchino
Founded: April 26, 2019
Schedule: 8:30am one Saturday a month

Group Gender: Female
Age Groups: Adults, Seniors
Lifegroup Category: Spiritual

Group Privacy: Open to new members

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