Adult Missions

September 17, 2018

Adult Mission Haiti 2020

February 10-16, 2020 – Haiti 180 – the villages of Duverger and Dandann, Haiti – MAXIMUM # 18


Information/registration packets are available at the Information Station or downloadable.

INFO MEETING:  SUNDAY, MARCH 10TH @ 10:15- 11:45AM IN ROOM 107:  FOR Registered  and seriously interested missionaries.

Not everyone can be a missionary “on the ground”, but everyone can be a missionary!  You can be a monetary or prayer missionary…everyone has the opportunity and call to be a missionary in a variety of ways.   Our mission work will include working with the families and children, caring for the sick and elderly, spending time with the people, building, playing, praying, and so much more!

2018 Haiti Mission Highlights