Giving in Uncertain Times

When times are so uncertain and our jobs are more volatile than ever, how can we continue to help our local Church?

This is the challenge that many of our parishioners at St. Patrick are facing. And it’s a very individual decision. We believe it will be helpful for you to understand what we’re doing in a time where we are closed to the public.

We’re Still Here!

Closed to the public does not mean we are shut down! Our staff continues to offer ways for you to stay engaged with your faith and encounter Christ, through our four pillars: Prayer, Service, Hospitality, Formation. We are still here to serve those in need, offer worship opportunities, form our young people as well as adults, and find new ways to keep our community united with Christ. It’s tricky, but we’re trying!

We Need You!

We’ve been able to trim back a fair amount of our expenses, but we still have bills to pay. Thankfully, 40% of our stewardship comes from electronic giving. But we still need more help!

  1. If you’re an envelope giver, and many of you are, you can mail your envelope to the parish office (19921 Nightingale St. NW, Oak Grove, MN 55011) or drop it off in our Drop Box. We received several envelope donations in the past week, so thank you!
  2. We received over 40 electronic gifts so far! If you want to give electronically, CLICK HERE. We can use your one-time donation, or you can setup recurring giving by emailing Kristin Theis at and she will assist you.