Wyatt Thomas Svercl

March 10, 2019 - May 1, 2019

Wyatt Thomas Svercl

Wyatt Thomas Svercl was born into the world on March 10th at 12:34 am at Minneapolis Masonic Children’s Hospital. He was 3 pounds 4.6 oz. and 14.8 inches long. Right from the start he was surprising his doctors with his fighting will and spirit. Although he was only with us for a short time he found ways to let his little personality shine through.

Wyatt loved hand hugs from his mom and dad and was often feisty with his nurses during care time. We also found that during oral care time he would bite on his toothbrush or swab and not allow us to pull it out because he enjoyed his milk so much. Wyatt had very ticklish feet, any rubbing or touching of his toes always got a wiggly response sometimes accompanied by his cute little “mad face”.

He had a love hate relationship with baths. He liked the warm water and attention but washing his feet and under his chin were always touchy spots. His hair however, he loved to have combed and his nurses obliged even though he only had just a soft little fuzzy bit of reddish blonde on his head. The OT team spent time with Wyatt as well and he loved his personal massage time with them.

On Wednesday May 1st Wyatt was baptized into the Lord’s family by his mom and surrounded by the doctors and many nurses that loved and cared for him over the last seven and a half weeks. Shortly after that at 5:25 pm cradled in his mom’s loving arms Wyatt passed away. It is of comfort to us that he was welcomed by so many of our loved ones and his older sibling in heaven and we know he will be well cared for until we see him again.

We will be having a service for Wyatt at St Patrick’s Catholic Church on Friday May 10th at 11am. There will be visitation 1 hour prior to the service and lunch to be served after. Flowers or memorials will be accepted at the church.

Funeral Details

Memorial Mass Friday, May 10, 2019 at 11:00 a.m.

Visitation starting at 10:00 a.m.

After Mass, a luncheon will be served in the Social Hall.

Burial at Calvary in Duluth, MN at a later date.

O Loving Father and Savior, send your angels to carry the soul of your servant from this earth to the heavenly place of eternal and everlasting life. Let family and friends who have passed before in faith be reunited in joy with the departed. Forgive any wrongs that have been committed and welcome this beloved spirit into the warm embrace of your unending peace. Amen.