Pre-School Formation

This Pre-School program is for children ages 3-5 where they get to explore their relationship with Jesus and His Church at their own level. It is offered once per month (on the first Sunday) from 10:15-11:45 am OR once per week (each Wednesday) from 10:00-11:00 am (Registration is now full for the Sunday option for the 2021-2022 formation year)


Level I Atrium is back at St. Patrick Catholic Church. This amazing program is based on the conviction that God and the Child are already in relationship.  The curriculum accommodates and nurtures the child’s faith, moral, and psychological growth.  The themes which are offered further develop the religious potential that is present in every child.  In our semi-monthly program, children will come to know Jesus, the Good Shepherd, learn about the cycle of the church & liturgy, and further their knowledge of grace & courtesy.   For further information please visit

General FAQ

Q: What does the word “catechesis” mean?  A: The word “catechesis” is often defined as oral instruction given to catechumens (those preparing for baptism). It is from a Greek word, related to the word “to teach,” and means “resounding” or “echoing down.” It refers to the passing on of the truths of our faith. Though most of the children we serve are baptized in infancy and are not actually catechumens, their catechesis has been delayed until the earliest ages at which they can participate in it.

Q: Is Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Catholic?  A: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd came about through the work of two Roman Catholic laywomen in Rome: Sofia Cavalletti and Gianna Gobbi. They were inspired by the educational principles of Maria Montessori, also a Catholic. The materials they prepared for children, since 1954, were based on the Bible, the Roman Catholic liturgy and sacraments, Tradition, and Church teachings. In 1985, a Level I course welcomed participants from both Catholic and several other Christian traditions. Since that time, the ecumenical character of the roster for each course has continued. All presentations are offered as given to us by Sofia and Gianna (Catholic) and participants are welcome to adapt them to their own traditions with the encouragement of the national association and help from CGS formation leaders who share their traditions.



For questions about the Pre-School Program, please contact the Parish Office at (763) 753-2011