Life on the Edge

Wednesdays 6:45 - 8:15pm

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Life on the Edge is our bi-monthly class
for 6-8th graders.

We hope all middle school youth will join us for this exciting program, with fun large group activities, small group communities, and easy to understand teaching. Life on the Edge will transform our youth, helping them to become successful and well-formed teens in the modern world.


Program Overview:

  • 12-14 sessions each year
  • 1 yearly retreat in the fall
  • Service and Community Nights

Our topics are on a 3 year cycle:

Year B
Year C
Year A
The Person of Jesus The Creed Morality
The Church Scripture & Sacraments Social Justice



We have retreats as part of our program each year, where students get a little more time with just the other students in their grade, and get more immersed in specific aspects of their faith that they’ll need moving forward. Our 6th graders get introduced to Life on the Edge and learn about the Bible, our 7th graders learn about prayer, and our 8th graders experience mentor-ship from young adults in their faith.


Rob Masloski
Youth and Young Adult Minister
(763) 753-2011 x7628