Life on the Edge

Wednesdays 6:45 - 8:15pm


In preparation for the 2020/21 formation year, we intend to offer as many of the events and opportunities that our youth have come to know and love, while making necessary adjustments to appropriately respond to the on-going global pandemic.  We are confident that we can effectively provide quality ministry events while simultaneously keeping our community healthy.  Some measures we will be taking to make this possible will include wearing masks, social distancing, enhanced cleaning regimen, and continued transparency with parents and families.

If you would prefer to take part in Virtual Formation Classes this year, you can learn more HERE

Session 9: Legit Defense- Pro-Life through and through



Session 8: Keys and Knots- Good and Righteous Authority

Session 7: Gimmie a Break! Keeping the Sabbath Holy

Session 6: King of Kings- the 10 Commandments

Session 5: Brother’s Keeper- Solidarity and the Common Good

Session 4: Love Your Neighbor

Session 3: Freedom and Failure

Session 2: Superhero University- Heroic Virtue and Mission

Session 1: In Pursuit- God’s Plan for Your Happiness, October 7th, 2020

What is Life on the Edge?

Life on the Edge is St Patrick’s Middle School Formation Program, specifically designed to meet our middle school students where they’re at, and lead them closer to where God is calling them to be. Through fun activities, small group discussion, community building, and service, our goal is to equip 6th, 7th, and 8th grade youth with the tools and confidence to be successful and well-formed teens in our modern world.

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Program Overview:

  • 12-14 sessions each year
  • 1 yearly retreat
  • Service and Community Nights

Over the Course of the three years of Middle School Formation we cover the following topics:

The Person of Jesus and The Church

The Creed, Scripture, and The Sacraments

Morality and Social Justice


Rob Masloski
Youth and Young Adult Minister
(763) 753-2011 x7628