High School Confirmation

The High School Confirmation program is available for youth in grades 9-12.

In preparation for the 2020/21 formation year, we intend to offer as many of the events and opportunities that our youth have come to know and love, while making necessary adjustments to appropriately respond to the on-going global pandemic.  We are confident that we can effectively provide quality ministry events while simultaneously keeping our community healthy.  Some measures we will be taking to make this possible will include wearing masks, social distancing, enhanced cleaning regimen, and continued transparency with parents and families.

If you would prefer to take part in Virtual Formation Classes this year, you can learn more HERE

What is Confirmation?

Each and every young person has been chosen for greatness from the very beginning of time! Join us on the adventure toward the Sacrament of Confirmation and unlock the plan that God has for your life. The Confirmation program prepares teens to thrive as Catholic adults and find success in the mission of the Church.

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Program Details:

  • 13-14 sessions each year
  • Wednesdays 6:45-8:45 PM
  • Sundays 9:00-10:45 AM (for youth that are more successful in a small group setting)
  • Service Nights and Community Nights
  • 9th grade retreat
  • 10th grade weekend retreat

High school youth are also invited to participate in our many other high school youth activities.

2021 Confirmation Retreat, February 19 and 20

Retreat registration is now closed. If you did not register for the Retreat, but would like to attend, please contact Rob directly rmasloski@st-patricks.org or 763-753-2011 x106

Confirmation Retreat Alternate Options

Year 1 In-Person Alternate Options:

Thrive Spring Retreat on March 6, 2021- See additional info here

Fire Up Event on May 19, 2021- See additional Info here

Year 1 Virtual Alternate Option:

Watch both the Virtual Petrus events from NET Ministries and complete the reflection sheets.  The first Petrus event took place in November and is still available to watch.  The next Petrus event is coming up on March 20.  Once you have participated in both events and completed the reflection sheets provided, turn the sheets in to Rob.  https://netusa.org/petrus/

Year 2 In-Person Alternate Retreat Options

Thrive Spring Retreat on March 6, 2021- See additional info here

Attend an upcoming retreat at the NET Center- https://netusa.org/confirmation/

Year 2 Virtual Retreat Option

Participate in a Greater Virtual Retreat by signing up with the link here: greaterretreat.com/s/a49675bb/39000370

Greater Retreat is an entirely virtual retreat that can be completed over the course of two days or four weeks.  Both Retreat provide the same content, it is just up to students if they want to complete the full experience over the course of two days, or would prefer to break it up into 90 minute chunks throughout 4 weeks.  Retreat access costs $19 for 45 days access (which should be more than enough time to complete your retreat).

Parent resources are also available to help your teen get the most out of their retreat experience, this includes discussion starters, journal prompts and reflection questions for you and your teen to complete together.  Parent Resource Packet available here


Rob Masloski
Youth and Young Adult Minister
(763) 753-2011 x7628