Fire Up!

What’s Fire Up?

These parish-wide events help keep the flame alive with our young people. Think, “Out of the Box” Youth Ministry. Events might include praise and worship music, a special speaker that resonates with teens, or any type of content that inspires. We have found that when we keep our youth “fired up” their relationship with Jesus grows deeper. Fire Up is designed specifically with your middle school and high school youth in mind, however all are welcome and we encourage families to attend. Come, join us!

“For our God is a consuming fire.”


Summer Kick-Off: Challenge Accepted

We are ecstatic to welcome Matt Birk to St. Patrick’s on Wednesday, May 19th at 7:00 PM.

As a former NFL Super Bowl champion and Minnesota Viking center, Birk excelled on the football field in his leadership and game smarts, proving himself year in and year out as a respectable and desirable player and teammate. Now, after 15 years of his NFL tenure and 8 years into retirement, there has been nothing slow about the way Matt lives his life. Full of zeal, conviction, and courage, Birk pours himself into leading others in the faith and encouraging them to live their Catholic identity to the fullest. Join us for an awesome night where Matt gives us the tools and empowerment to accept the challenge of living a life for Christ in all the big and small ways. Bring a friend, join with your whole family –  we don’t care, just be sure you are here!


Following Matt Birk’s talk at 7:00, we will have an hour of Adoration and Praise & Worship as we welcome back In The Name, a local St. Paul worship band. Matt’s talk to the youth and Adoration led by In The Name.

Previous Fire Up Events

Spring Launch Into Lent: Friday, February 19th, 2021 — We’ve joked a lot about all we lost in 2020, but really we do mean it when we say March and April were the “Lentiest Lent Ever”. We all experienced unforeseen challenges, limitations, and losses. It’s in those times we lean into our faith and the grace provided through the Sacraments and Jesus Christ’s Church. However, in the year of pandemic we were asked, “What do we do when we don’t have our Church to “to go”?”  In February, St. Patrick’s Youth Formation team welcome neighboring Youth Minister Pat Millea as he reflected with us on how we grew spiritually in the last year of the pandemic and how this can influence our upcoming Lent for 2021. This dynamic and uplifting talk was followed by Adoration and Praise and Worship. The event was livestreamed.

Fall Kick-off: Friday, September 11th, 2020 — A jam packed evening where we kicked-off the upcoming Formation year. We enjoyed some seriously sweet music from local St. Paul worship band, In the Name Worship, awesome food from Chick-fil-A (for free!), a powerful talk on the Holy Spirit from Middle School and High School Youth Minister, Rob Masloski, Adoration, games, a bonfire, and good old fashioned s’mores. The evening was held outside.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 – Luke Spehar

Luke Spehar  is a vibrant Catholic and nationally known music artist who grew up right here in Minnesota. Luke shared an inspiring talk with songs from his latest album about his journey as a Catholic man. The evening concluded with a time of Adoration and Praise & Worship led by Luke and accompanied by our St. Patrick worship band.