Eucharistic Distribution

On the first Sunday of each month, Father Eilen will be distributing Holy Communion at the north doors after the 11:00am Mass until 1:00pm. This is a great opportunity for our vulnerable parishioners or those who are unable to attend Mass due to health concerns to receive the Eucharist. Park your car, walk up to the north doors to wait your turn while maintaining a proper social distance, and approach Father to receive Communion when it’s your turn. Father will distribute Holy Communion at the same time and location on the first Sunday of each month until further notice.

Procedure for Receiving Eucharist 

  1. Eucharist will be privately distributed (12:00-1:00pm) near the North entrance of the church.
  2. Park your vehicle in the parking lot (don’t form a line with your cars.
  3. Keep a minimum 6-foot distance between any individuals or families.
  4. Communion will only be available under one species (Body of Christ)
  5. Communicants are instructed to receive Communion in the hand (not on the tongue)
  6. When you approach the Priest or Extraordinary Minister to receive Communion, there will be a short prayer:
    1. Father Eilen or Extraordinary Minister: “Behold the Lamb of God, behold Him who takes away the sins of the world. Blessed are those who are called to the Supper of the Lamb.”¬†
    2. Communicant: “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”
    3. Fr. Eilen or Extraordinary Minister: “The Body of Christ.”
    4. Response: “Amen.”
  7. Return to your vehicle