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September 12, 2017

If you missed our event on October 14 & 15, that’s okay! Over the next few weeks, we will highlight the 3 new initiatives that were rolled out at our Encounter event. The first of the series is Pastoral Care & Outreach the second is our on-lineMinistry Page and Strength Finder Quizand the third and final initiative is LIFEGroups.  

LIFEGroups gives all of us the opportunity to meet people in the parish with similar interests or are in similar circumstances that can hopefully help us to be the best version of ourselves. Whatever you can dream up for a potential group, we can help you find others that are interested in the same thing.  LIFEgroups can be social, spiritual, or support-based. Whatever it is, St. Patrick will help you get the group started and then we get out of the way.

As LifeGroups form, the “leader” of the group should register their group here.  Every group will be listed in our database, and you can search the groups and find one that’s right for you or start your own! They can go for as long as you desire, you can meet here at the Church or off-site, and you can determine the size.  The possibilities are endless!  We hope you will encounter Christ with others through a LIFEgroup at St. Patrick!

Watch how 3 St. Patrick members formed LIFEgroups and didn’t even know it!


“Pastoral Care and OutReach”

Outreach means different things to each of us. Maybe it’s helping a homeless person, visiting the homebound, helping someone with projects around the house, or maybe it’s feeding the hungry. At St. Patrick, we have helped hundreds of families right from our front door. We are a community with a Servant’s Heart and we do a great deal for those that struggle in life. But we can do so much more.

In my new position as Pastoral Care & Outreach Coordinator, I hope to make this THE YEAR OF SERVICE. For example, we need more people to help with SPOT (St. Pat’s Outreach Team), visit the homebound and hospitalized, help prepare a community meal for the poor in our area, spiritual mentors for those that struggle, and if you have a green thumb, help us in our future Community Garden. To accomplish all this, IT TAKES A VILLAGE.

Even more important, if you know someone that is struggling and needs help, please suggest that they contact St. Patrick and allow us to help. Outreach is an invitation to serve and be served. Please accept this invitation to encounter Christ through serving others!

 Kerri Rooney
Pastoral Care & Outreach Coordinator


“every encounter with Jesus changes our life and 

every encounter with Jesus fills us with joy. ” ~ Pope Francis