Ignite- Middle School Youth Group

We are excited to share an exciting opportunity for our middle school youth—our Ignite youth group!

Ignite allows students to meet other youth, play games, and have fun while doing it. At St. Patrick’s we believe that building community is an important part of the formation process.  Not only is it important for teens to grow in their relationship with Christ, as well as with one another.

St. Patrick’s is a home where our youth can both play and pray together.

One of our middle school teens gave the following review:

Did you have fun? “Uh-huh.”
Did you like the food? “Uh-huh.”
Did you like the games? “Uh-huh.”

The Circles of Claddagh, has partnered with us to help put this idea in motion.  With a generous donation to help fund dinners, we have created an opportunity for the youth to come together to eat, talk and participate in fun activities.