CPR/AED Training

Thursday, March 12th

Advanced First Aid Inc. will be leading us in a refresher course on bystander hands-only CPR/AED Training at St. Patrick.

9-10:30am OR 6:30-8pm

Don’t wait for the Help, Be the Help!

When cardiac arrest strikes every second counts. You don’t have time to wait for trained professionals to arrive.  The chance of a victim surviving sudden cardiac is 90% if they receive a shock in the first minute of the onset. Trained volunteers can be the difference between life and death.

Participants will learn:

  • the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest
  • to identify cardiac arrest
  • how to do chest compressions or refresh your memory and why rescue breaths are no longer advised
  • how to operate and when to use an AED device and where it’s located

*Please note that this is not a re-certification class however each participant will receive a training course completion AFA Card 

Please register (FREE OF CHARGE) on the form- Open to everyone interested and highly recommended to catechists and ushers.

Registration Deadline is Thursday, March 5th