Chapter Four: Why should we stay in the Church?

With this abuse crisis, why should we stay in the Church?


As we continue our parish book discussion of Letter to a Suffering Church by Bishop Robert Barron, we focus on a burning question lots of Catholics are asking: Why should we stay in the Church?

A recent Gallup poll revealed that 37% of Catholics are considering leaving the Church due to the sexual abuse crisis.

Maybe you’re in that group.

So why should we stay? As Bishop Barron says, we stay because no matter how difficult things become, no matter how much wickedness and sin creeps into the Church, the treasure of the Church remains—not financial treasure, mind you, but the treasure of life in Christ, especially through the Eucharist.

Watch this short video to understand this great treasure:


  • What does St. Paul mean when he says, “We hold this treasure in earthen vessels”? What is the treasure? What is the vessel?
  • Do we still receive grace from the sacraments if they are mediated by sinful clergy?
  • What is the single most important reason for staying faithful to the Church?
  • Is there ever a valid reason for leaving the Church? Why or why not?

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