Ceremony Planning

Wedding Liturgy Planning Overview

First of all, know of our sincere joy for you as you begin to plan your wedding ceremony! As you have many decisions to make in the whole wedding planning process, we have tried to lay out this wedding liturgy planning page as clearly as possible. 

A couples’ wedding liturgy is a beautiful expression of the couples’ faith in God and a testament to their loving relationship with each other. Whenever we gather for liturgy, we do so first and foremost to worship God. Second, at a wedding, the couple bestows the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony on each other as their family and friends witness the Sacrament and pray for the marriage. When you make choices about the elements of your wedding liturgy, you will be guided by your faith in God and your unique love as a couple. 

There are three types of elements couples need to decide: 

  • Scripture readings:
    • 1st Reading (Old Testament) 
    • Responsorial Psalm 
    • 2nd Reading (New Testament) 
    • Gospel 
  • Music selections: 
    • Prelude(s)
    • Processional 
    • Congregational Hymns 
    • Recessional
    • Postlude 
  • Other Wedding texts: 
    • Consent (vows) 
    • General Intercessions (petitions) 
    • Preface (if the liturgy is a Mass) 
    • Nuptial Blessing 

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There are two different forms for planning your liturgy: 1) the Order of Celebrating Matrimony Within Mass and 2) the Order of Celebrating Matrimony Without Mass. The decision of whether or not to have a Mass will be made in consultation with the Pastor. Whichever form you complete will need to be reviewed with Amee Heigl, the Director of Worship, about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. A copy of the form should be submitted to the church as well. 

Any liturgy-related questions can be discussed during marriage prep with the priest or deacon, or directed to Amee Heigl at aheigl@st-patricks.org