All Souls Day

What is All Souls Day?

All Souls Day (celebrated on November 2) is a holy day set aside for honoring the dead. During the month of November, the Catholic Church commemorates those who have died (both recently and in the distant past) through special prayers, intentions, and Masses. At St. Patrick’s, we have a Book of Remembrance where parishioners may write down the deceased name(s) of those who they’d like to be remembered at all of our November Masses. The Book of Remembrance will remain by the baptismal font throughout the month of November.

To learn more about All Souls Day, click here to watch an informative video explaining the historical and religious significance of this holy day.

Ways to Remember the Faithful Departed

  • Say a family rosary for all the souls in Purgatory
  • Spend some time in Adoration praying for all those who will die on this day
  • Share your favorite memory about a deceased relative and remember them in your daily intentions
  • Visit a cemetery and say a prayer for all those buried there
  • Attend a funeral of someone you don’t know as a Corporal Work of Mercy (bury the dead)