Spirit Unleashed Featuring Sonja Corbitt

January 29, 2018

May 11-13, 2018

$250 double occupancy OR $275 private room – space is limited 70 guests so register early!

How many of us are convinced that we cannot experience freedom and joy until some circumstance changes?  Who out there hasn’t longed for something bound up in her heart to be unleashed and freed? Whether it is a hidden passion or a habitual sin we can’t break free of – well -God wants to unleash in our lives something that will transform us from within.

Come and meet or reconnect with the Spirit in your Life and receive Everything the Holy Spirit Wants to Give YOU!

Meet Sonja, the Bible Study Evangelista. She’s a Catholic Scripture teacher with a story teller’s gift – a Southern Belle with a warrior’s heart and a poet’s pen♥. 

We recommend that you read Sonja’s book Unleashed: How to Receive Everything the Holy Spirit Wants to Give You  




Final Payment 


“For you were called for Freedom”
Galatians 5:13 


Sponsored by the Circles of Claddagh